Communing with Nature

The weather has been wet or overcast (or both) here for what seems like months (actually, it probably is months) and those crisp, cold winter mornings have been noticeable by their absence. This morning however we probably came as close as we’ve been all winter. The sky was relatively clear overnight and whilst there was no frost, there was a slight chill in the air and the shadows were long as the sun crept over the horizon with about the same enthusiasm as I have when poking my head out from the duvet at pretty much the same time.

This morning was brightened further by the view of deer browsing in the field behind the house. Before this week I’d not seen any for ages. They’re hard to make out in this photo, mostly because it was taken with a pocket camera in very low light:

The deer ran as soon as I went out to feed the animals and collect eggs, but thanks to the clear sky I was treated to this combination of views, first to the west:

with the near-full moon setting over the cricket pitch and on the opposite horizon, the sun rising through the hills to the east:

There are times when this is all the justification I need for living here…

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