Swimming, 21st May 2021

I wasn’t expecting too much today thanks to another night where I didn’t sleep as well as I might. Perhaps there’s something about going to the pool with limited expectations. I did have a 45 second 50m rep early on, but most of the rest were 44s, with a couple in the 43s and two 42s reps. A one-off 42s 50m front crawl isn’t much of a challenge, but as part of a set that is the fastest I’ve ever done so I was feeling very pleased with myself at the end of the 50m reps. The positive vibes clearly carried over into my 25m reps, too. Everything was below 19s and I got sooooo close to being in the 17s for a couple, coming in at 18.06s and 18.12s. I really want that quite badly now 🙂

And one of the two ladies sharing the fast lane with me even complimented me on my swimming, which was very kind of her.

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