Swimming, 31st July 2017

A very enjoyable swim today. Into the water and I was off on a 1,500m swim straight away. Now I can do that in under 30 minutes I really need to start looking at getting the tumble turns in. I reckon that the glide into the wall, turn and push off might easily drop five seconds a length, which over sixty lengths ought to take me down to less than twenty-five minutes, assuming I can handle the removal of the little rest that each slow turns gives me 🙂

After that I did more front crawl, kick and bilateral breathing practice. At 3,200m I was feeling so good that I did another 100m and would have gone on, but for the fact that I really had other things I ought to be doing.

So, 59km for the month which I think is my best ever. I am quite chuffed.

Total distance for the month: 59,000m
Total distance for this year: 311,100m
Distance compared to annual target: 14,500m ahead

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